Declaration of auto service centers


In the conditions of a market economy and corporate values, the Management of Geotrading AD is seeking an ever growing number of opportunities for sustainable development. It is also important that the membership of Bulgaria in the European Union introduced a number of conditions and requirements in different areas of social and economic life, including with regard to the roadworthiness of automobiles and the method (technology) of conducting the technical inspections. Technical inspection is a diagnostic process which includes visual inspection of all components and parts of the automobile, as well as of the equipment, such as fire extinguishers, first-aid kits and other mandatory automobile accessories. The auto service activity is a comprehensive service for automobile maintenance. The Management of Geotrading AD, in its aim to offer comprehensive service to customers and in outlining its long-term development plan, launched an activity in the area of those services as well, and developed repair shops under the ProAuto brand name with the following scope:

Conduct of regular technical inspections for checking the roadworthiness of road vehicles and auto service activity.

The Management of Geotrading AD, with the participation of its personnel, specified and documented this Policy, which contains the main goals, guidelines and obligations of the company related to the compliance of services and goods. This Policy is in conformity with the context of the organization on quality and is instrumental to our strategic focus. This Policy will be regularly reviewed and updated and will be available to all interested parties so that they could understand their obligations with regard to quality.


My personal commitment and responsibility:

  • To ensure the requisite financial and human resources to implement, maintain and continually improve the quality management system, according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standards, namely:
  • To conduct reviews of the quality objectives, and assess the extent of their achievement
  • To regularly conduct reviews of the policy and objectives in order to ensure that they would remain adequate and appropriate for our organization;


The Management of Geotrading AD is aware that the customers of the company, the state and society require that effective measures to continuously improve the quality of the services that we offer be implemented.

The Strategy aims at generating prompt responses to changes in the internal and external environment, and its goals are: competitiveness on the market, responsibility, reliability and high quality of the offered services.

Our mission – the performance of the activity should take place in the best conditions, meeting the modern high technology requirements for achieving the greatest long-term customer satisfaction.

Our vision for the fulfilment of our mission and for achieving best results is to offer our customers objective information on the roadworthiness of the road vehicles, inspected by us and complete and quality service for the benefit of each customer.

The Management of Geotrading AD states its main priorities in determining its policy on quality:

  1. Customer orientation– the company activity depends primarily on its customers and therefore our goal is make their needs as clear as possible, fulfil their requirements and exceed their expectations. Our main priority is for the ProAutobrand to be among the most preferred by customers, to maintain a positive image by providing the best quality, professional performance and protection of their interests.
  2. Management of risks and opportunities – includes identification and assessment of risks, planning of activities for bringing these risks under control and finding opportunities for the sustainable development of the company in this specific line of operation.
  3. Leadership– the Management understands and takes its responsibility, leading by personal example in contributing to the maintenance and improvement of the quality management system. The Management guarantees that all employees, as well as those whose work is associated to the quality of the services or products that we offer, would be familiar with the POLICY on quality, and have the requisite qualification, experience and knowledge. They should be aware of and comply with the applicable legal and other requirements, adopted by the organization and realize their input for the development of the business;
  4. Process and systems approach– the performance of activities is perceived and managed as a system, taking into account the main and subsidiary processes in an interrelated and integrated way in the main system of the company. We are strictly complying with the regulatory and other requirements of all stakeholders in the process of rendering our services.
  5. Motivation of staff and environment – Mutual respect and trust, a favourable working environment with modern equipment and maintaining and improving qualifications all contribute to the desire for work and motivation. All of these conditions are instrumental to providing a competent and detailed consultation by specialists, servicing and customer satisfaction by experienced, motivated and qualified auto mechanics whose work is first and foremost about quality.
  6. Mutually beneficial relations with suppliers– maintaining loyal partnership relations, adequacy and precision, which would guarantee the high quality of the service provided.
  7. Continuous improvement– development based on ongoing improvement of the processes and the environment and ensuring of regulatory compliance of the station for technical inspection of roadworthiness of the road vehicles and of the auto repair shops, is an important prerequisite for the functioning of the quality system and its timely improvement. The continuous monitoring and assessment of the system contribute to increasing the effectiveness of the quality management system in order to achieve continued improvement.
  8. Fact-based approach to decision making- the system of internal and external communication, the management of risks and opportunities, and the regular reviews by the Management of the management system lay the foundation for making efficient decisions based on the up-to-date analysis of data and information;

By applying these principles, the Management is committed to adhere to the Policy through the common goals serving as a basis for specific measurable objectives that are to be evaluated and updated annually:

  1. Geotrading AD customers and partners should remain satisfied with the overall cooperation– reacting as quickly as possible to their requests, providing them with the best price-to-quality ratio, all while providing services in compliance with the standards and norms, and  ensuring a polite and professional attitude from specialists.
  2. Geotrading AD employees should arrive to work with a smile– recruitment of ambitious and responsible people who are familiar with and comply with the requirements of applicable legal standards and of all stakeholders in regard to quality; who do their job with pleasure; who receive the most adequate reward for their work and have their ideas heard and appreciated.
  3. The corporate responsibility of Geotrading AD for the environment and people – all activities and equipment must take into account the health and safety of workers and the protection of the environment, and initiative needs to be taken to improve them.
  4. Corporate values:
  • honesty and loyaltyto the company, customers, partners and all stakeholders;
  • responsibilityfor actions and their long-term effect;
  • the company'sambitionto become market leader;
  • professionalism and dedicationto work;
  • continuous maintenance and improvementof the quality management systemby increasing the personal commitment and responsibility of the company employees and the senior management for the systematic assessment of environmental aspects and risks and development and implementation of programs for its elimination and/or minimization as well as periodic performance evaluation on the basis of these.

The Management guarantees that the aforementioned principles and common goals have been brought to the attention of all company employees in order for them to understand their contribution and importance to the company and to aim to work in accordance with these goals and principles while doing their best at their respective workplaces.

The Management of Geotrading AD is committed to maintaining an effective quality management system by evaluating and updating it in a planned and regular way, if necessary. It is committed to identifying any reasons for non-conformity or non-compliance (and the foreseeable potential non-conformity or non-compliance), to take action to identify, implement and monitor corrective measures and take steps towards continuous improvement, as well as to provide all necessary resources for documenting, operating, maintaining and continuously improving the management system.


20.01.2022                                                                                                                                                      Executive Director