Mission, vision and values

The world is changing fast. This is why the successful business should expand with the dynamics of the new inventions and technologies and have a clear perspective of the development.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission and vision are: "Quality of supply management, tailored to benefit community and environment, provided by healthy people living in a healthy environment.“ The mission and vision of Geotrading AD are long-term. They serve as orientation for fulfilling the company’s goals:

  • to satisfy the demands of Geotrading AD clients and partners (to react efficiently to their needs, to provide them with goods and services at a best quality and competitive price, and also to receive polite and professional consultation);
  • for the Geotrading AD employees to come to work with a smile (to select ambitious and responsible people, who do their job with pleasure, who receive reputable remuneration and who are listened to and encouraged for their innovative ideas);
  • for Geotrading AD to act responsibly towards the environment and the population (to take into consideration nature and people in all of the company’s projects, to initiate actions to improve their condition).

Corporate values:

  • honestly and loyalty to clients and partners;
  • taking responsibility for all actions and their long-term effects;
  • ambition to become a market leader;
  • professionalism and dedication to work.