Geotrading AD offers the Davanti Wintoura range of winter tyres


Geotrading AD offers the Davanti Wintoura range of winter tyres on the Bulgarian market for the 2022−2023 season. These tyres are becoming more and more popular since their launch 5 years ago. Geotrading AD believes it is because of their excellent price/road performance ratio.

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Geotrading received over 100 students at the ProAuto Multifunctional Complex


Geotrading AD received over 100 students at the ProAuto Multifunctional Complex during the Career Opportunities Day. The event was held by the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” and GEOTECHMIN Group. The students learnt about the opportunities for paid internships and about gaining a scholarship from the companies. GEOTECHMIN Group was represented by Ivan Vutov, EngD. – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Geotrading AD and Deputy Manager of Geotechmin OOD, Mr. Dominic Hamers – Executive Director of Geotechmin OOD, Mr. Krasimir Dekov – Deputy Commercial Manager of Geotrading AD, among others. Guests from the University of Mining and Geology included the Rector Prof. Ivaylo Koprev, PhD., the Deputy Rectors and the Deans of the three faculties.

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See Silence at Moto Expo 2022


Geotrading will participate in this year’s Moto Expo with Silence, the Spanish electric scooter brand. The company is the official distributor of the brand for Bulgaria. The exhibition will take place at Asics Arena from 15 to 19 April 2022. Geotrading will present the full range of Silence scooters from the premium model Silence S01 which is competitive to gasoline-powered products in terms of specifications and capabilities to the different versions of the popular S02 which is among the bestsellers on the European market.* The scooters of this brand have zero carbon emissions and are particularly well-suited for people who insist on rapid and economical mobility and, at the same time, on preventing environmental pollution, as well as for businesses involving urban deliveries and shared mobility.


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Eng. Kiril Iliev Awarded the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski“


The Executive Director of Geotrading AD, Eng. Kiril Iliev, presented for the second time an Academic Oscar to the rector of the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”, Prof. engineer Ivaylo Koprev, PhD. The university got the award for the best university specialising in the vocation of “Research, Extraction and Processing of Mineral Resources” at an official ceremony, organised by the 24 Chasa Newspaper.

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The ProAuto Multifunctional Complex Has Been Awarded the Building of the Year 2021 Prize


The ProAuto Multifunctional Complex has been awarded the special prize at the Building of the Year 2021 national competition. The prizes were awarded to two of the GEOTECHMIN Group companies – the investor Geotrading AD and the main executor Geostroy AD, as well as to the architect Kiril Kutskov. The award – a certificate and a statuette, made by the sculptor Petko Moskov, were presented at an official ceremony on December 15.

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Over 2,100 trees and bushes planted by Our Green Tomorrow


Over 2,100 young trees and bushes have been planted so far to gentrify the municipalities of Etropole, Mirkovo, Chavdar, Chelopech, Zlatitsa, Pirdop and Koprivshtitsa as part of the initiative Our Green Tomorrow, an element of the Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme, to which Geotechmin OOD, Geotrading AD, Ellatzite-Med AD and Geostroy AD have been contributing by cash donations, as well as volunteer work.

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Our Green Tomorrow continues through 2021


The beginning of October saw the start of Our Green Tomorrow Initiative for the forestation and landscaping of municipal land by Geotechmin OOD, Geotrading AD, Ellatzite-Med AD and Geostroy AD within the Bulgarian Virtues Charity Program by the GEOTECHMIN Group. The first 100 variegated ligustrum hedge shrubs and magnolia were planted in the Chavdar Folklore Centre. The mayor, Mr. Georgi Daulov, and the executive director of GEOTECHMIN, Mr. Dominic Hamers, together with representatives of the donor companies, as well as some employees, took part in the planting.

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Geotrading AD’s scholarship students started their summer internship


At the beginning of August students at the Sv. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology, participants in the Scholarship Programme of the GEOTECHMIN Group, started their paid internship at Geotrading AD. The company gave them one-year scholarships for the 2020/2021 school year. The students have the opportunity to learn from the best experts in the field of trade in different motor vehicles, their diagnostics, repair and maintenance, as well as in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

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Geotrading builds two photovoltaic power stations at ProAuto Sofia and Etropole


Geotrading AD built two photovoltaic power stations (PVPSs) in Sofia and Etropole, generating a total of about 74 MWh/year. This power cuts the CO₂ that would have been released from traditional generation for charging some 6.4 million cell phones, from burning more than 22,000 litres of gasoline or from the annual electricity consumption of 6 family homes.

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Geotrading AD welcomes dual-training interns


Students from Etropole’s Todor Peev Professional High School took part in a test internship arranged under a partnership agreement between the school and the GEOTECHMIN Group companies Ellatzite Med AD, Geotrading AD and Geostroy AD, part of a project titled Support for the Dual-Training System.

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Geotrading AD Participates in Doors Open Day at the University of Mining and Geology


Geotrading AD, which is part of the GEOTECHMIN Group, participated in the Doors Open Day hosted by the St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology (UMG) on 14 May 2021 at the University garden. The event was held to stimulate interest among children and young people in the various programmes offered by the higher education establishment and to raise awareness about the professional avenues in which one might find employment after completing their studies there. The Rector of the UMG, Prof. Ivaylo Koprev, PhD, engineer, inaugurated the event. Geotrading AD’s representative at the Doors Open Day was Ivan Vutov, PhD, engineer, the Chair of the company’s Board of Directors.

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GEOTECHMIN GROUP helps 7 municipalities build a ‘green tomorrow’

december 2020

7 municipalities have improved their natural environments by planting a rich diversity of plant species - trees, shrubs and flowers under Our Green Tomorrow Programme. This green initiative is implemented by Geotechmin OOD, Ellatzite-Med AD, Geotrading AD and Geostroy AD. In just a few months, more than 1,100 trees and shrubs were planted in the municipalities of Etropole, Mirkovo, Zlatitsa, Chavdar, Chelopech, Pirdop and Koprivshtitsa. In 2020, Our Green Tomorrow was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Geotechmin OOD.

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The Executive Director of Geotrading AD Presents the University of Mining and Geology with an Award


Mr Ivan Donchev, the Executive Director of Geotrading AD, presented Prof. Ivaylo Koprev, PhD, engineer, rector of the St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology, with an award at a ceremony celebrating the achievements of the best universities in Bulgaria. The event supported by Geotrading AD was organised by the 24 Hours Daily and aimed to rank universities based on the rating system designed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.

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Geotrading AD has become the exclusive partner of Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems with its product and solution brand MTU for the mining industry in Bulgaria. The two companies have signed an agreement according to which the Bulgarian company will now serve as a direct service workshop partner. Geotrading AD will provide post-sales warranty and post-warranty servicing of MTU engines, manufactured by the Germany based business unit Power Systems of Rolls-Royce, the British technology group.

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Geotrading AD to Take Part in the Plovdiv Fair in Partnership with Belshina


Geotrading AD is slated to take part in the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv in its capacity as exclusive dealer of products by Belarusian tyre manufacturer Belshina. Between 23rd and 28th of September, Geotrading is going to share a stand with the Belneftekhim Concern, presenting some of the most popular tyre models in the agricultural sector and those designed for passenger cars. These include agricultural tyres such as the F-BEL-160M 12.4L-16, F-122 5.50-16 and BEL-92 10.0/75R15.3 models, as well as passenger car winter tyres of the BEL-267 185/60R14 model.

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Geotrading AD Supported the Treasure Hunt Event Again


For a second time Geotrading AD supported Treasure Hunt, an event organized by the BBC Knowledge magazine and the National Museum of Natural History in partnership with the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology. On 8th and 9th of June, around 1000 guests – both children and parents, walked around the Treasure Island the museum had been transformed into. The adventure started from the top floor of the museum; using the special map and hidden clues in the halls, the guests at the event had to discover which the 13 gems were, to write down their names in their personal maps and to hand the maps to the organizers at the finish line. Treasure Hunt turned into a real adventure for the children and their parents, who had to carefully search the halls, to remember the route and to find all treasures, among which were gems, limestone, diamonds and gold.

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260 kids competed in Geotrading Rally 2019


260 kids competed in Geotrading Rally 2019. Geotrading AD organised two celebrations to mark Children’s Day – one in Sofia on June 1 and one in Etropole on June 2, once again inviting all GEOTECHMIN employees’ children to party together. This year’s celebrations were part of the events commemorating Ellatzite-Med’s 44th anniversary and its 20th year as part of the GEOTECHMIN Group.

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Ivan Vutov, PhD, elected member of the Management Board of the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy


Ivan Vutov, PhD, was elected member of the Management Board of the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy (STU of MGM) by the delegates of its General Assembly which was held on May 10. He became part of the organisation’s management in his capacity as a representative of Geotrading AD, which has been a collective member of the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy since 2009. 

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Students from Zlatitsa High School have visited ProAuto Service Centre in Etropole


Eighth-graders from the Zlatitsa Vocational High School of Agriculture and Technology have visited ProAuto Service Centre of Geotrading AD in the town of Etropole. The visit was held for 11 students majoring in Automotive Transport Equipment as part of a dual education project implemented in their high school. (Geotrading AD, Geostroy AD and ELLATZITE-MED AD are partners in this dual education project for the 2018-2019 school year.)

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ProAuto lubricants are manufactured by Geotrading AD


Geotrading AD achieved yet another of its strategic goals to expand its product portfolio. The company manufactures its own ProAuto brand of lubricants intended for cars, heavy trucks, specialised, construction, and mining equipment. ProAuto engine, hydraulic, gear oils and greases manufactured from specially selected high-quality raw materials are now sold on the Bulgarian market. This way, Geotrading AD continues the successful implementation of its strategy to market competitively priced products of excellent quality.

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Geotrading AD is the exclusive distributor of 5 Župa Kruševac chemical products


Geotrading AD received the exclusive rights to market two more chemical reagents produced by the Serbian plant Župa Kruševac, owned by BIN COMMERCE doo. Starting in January 2019, Geotrading AD offers exclusively on the territory of Bulgaria potassium ethyl xanthate and potassium isobutyl xanthate. Geotrading AD has also been the exclusive distributor on the territory of Bulgaria for potassium amyl xanthate, potassium butyl xanthate and sodium isopropyl xanthate since the spring of 2018. Thus, the company has the exclusive rights to offer 5 types of chemical reagents on the Bulgarian market.

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Geotrading AD Supported Treasure Hunt, an Event for Children


Geotrading AD supported Treasure Hunt, an adventure game for children. The initiative was co-organised by the BBC Knowledge magazine and the National Museum of Natural History in partnership with the Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology. Prizes for the curious adventurers were provided by the Chamber’s member companies, Geotrading AD being one of them.

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The kids of GEOTECHMIN group’s employees had fun on the ‘Machine Island‘


The kids of GEOTECHMIN group’s employees became adventurers on the ‘Machine Island’—a celebration of Children’s Day, June 1, organised by Geotrading AD. This was a prize for all the kids who took part in the creative competition. Once again this year, with their drawings, machine models, poems, stories and songs, the children showed their enormous talent and boundless imagination on two topics—‘If I Were a Wizard’ and ‘Machines of the Future’.

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Belshina offers 70 tire models for agricultural vehicles


The Belshina brand offers 70 tire models of various sizes and purposes, designed specifically for the agricultural sector. Geotrading AD is the exclusive representative of the Belarus brand for Bulgaria and Greece, and a dealer for Macedonia, Turkey and Albania.

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Geotrading with two tire brands at Zootechnia 2017 in Greece


Geotrading will take part in the Zootechnia 2017 exhibition to be held at the International Exhibition Center in Salonika, Greece, between 2 and 5 February. Visitors at the company booth will be able to see samples and get information on the well-known Belshina agricultural tires. Geotrading will also present the latest tire brand in its portfolio—the Russian Bontyre.

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LiuGong presents a revolutionary front loader


A revolutionary new product, a front loader with a vertical bucket lift, was presented by Chinese producer of construction and mining equipment LiuGong in the middle of November. The new technology is an incredibly important step not only in LiuGong's development, but for the construction machinery industry as a whole.

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Geotrading AD to present 12 vehicles at StroMa Expo


Geotrading AD will present 12 LiuGong, Lännen and Atlas Copco vehicles at the StroMa Expo exhibition to be held between 14 and 16 September at the Balsha Mining Extraction Plant. Skilful operators from China, Finland and Bulgaria will demonstrate the construction equipment’s capabilities for the visitors. Everyone will be able to test it.

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Geotrading AD
will take part in the autumn edition of BATA AGRO, to be held from 30 August to 3 September at the Stara Zagora Airport. At its booth in Area W61, the company will display Belshina agricultural tires, Rymax lubricants, RKB bearings and SF-filter products. Two skid steer loaders made by the Chinese manufacturer LiuGong—the CLG 365B and CLG 385B—will be presented as well.

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Interesting facts about LiuGong


  • LiuGong ranks as the 22nd. largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world. In 2015, LiuGong had US$1.02 billion in sales revenue, selling more than 24,425 total units.
  • LiuGong is the first company in China to begin manufacturing heavy equipment and the producer of China’s first modernized wheel loader in 1966.
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History of LiuGong


Nearly 60 years LiuGong Machinery Corporation has been a leader in China’s construction equipment manufacturing industry.

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Lännen 8800i—the hero of Off Road Show & Expo


The Lännen 8800i multipurpose backhoe and its operator Veselin Dakov became the heroes of the Off Road Show & Expo race, held on June 18 and 19, behind the Sofia Ring Mall. During its two days at the races, the wheeled powerhouse was used more than 25 times to pull out SUVs stuck in the racetrack.

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Lännen 8800i to build a special circuit for Off Road Show & Expo


Geotrading AD will lend its multi-functional Lännen 8800i to the spectacular Off Road Show & Expo, to be held June 18–19 on the green areas behind Sofia Ring Mall. This mighty juggernaut will build the special tracks and obstacle courses for the circuit, and during the race itself will be standing by, ready to tow away stuck off-roaders. On the day after the event, Lännen 8800i will be back on duty, this time to level the field.

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LiuGong presents improved excavator range at BAUMA 2016


The renowned Chinese manufacturer LiuGong for the fifth time in a row presented its products at the largest trade fair for construction vehicles and equipment—BAUMA 2016 in Munich. LiuGong showcased 14 of its vehicles. Prominent among them was the whole E-series, including 7 excavators with operating weights between 15 and 50 tonnes—their first appearance at the fair. This was announced by GeotradingLiuGong’s authorised representative for Bulgaria.

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About 10% lower prices for Belshina truck tires


The Belshina truck tire prices are now about 10% lower, and those of the agricultural tires—up to 25% lower. This was announced by the Belarus brand’s authorised representative for Bulgaria and Greece and dealer for Albania and Turkey—Geotrading AD. The company provides 1 year warranty for tread wear and up to 5 years for manufacturing defects on all tires from the Belarus manufacturer—truck, industrial, agricultural or passenger car.

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Geotrading AD offers affordable Belshina agricultural tires


Discounts of up to 25% on agricultural tire prices are offered by Geotrading ADBelshina’s authorised importer for Bulgaria and Greece and dealer for Albania and Turkey. The company provides 1 year warranty for tread wear and up to 5 years for manufacturing defects.

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LiuGong, a globally recognised Chinese manufacturer, will present 14 construction and mining vehicles at the world’s largest trade fair for construction, building material and mining machines and construction vehicles and equipment—BAUMA 2016.

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Belarus Ambassador Visits Geotrading Stand at StroMa Expo


On 16 September 2015, the construction, road construction and mining machinery StroMa Expo pilot exhibition 2015 was launched. The event was held at the premises of Balsha Mining Extraction Plant, at designated grounds for specialised equipment demonstration.
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Global photo shooting competition: LiuGong in my eyes


The international photo shooting competition "LiuGong in my eyes" has started. Geotrading AD is an authorized representative of the brand for Bulgaria and its clients can participate in it by making photos or videos of the LiuGong machines.

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Geotrading to take part in the first StroMa Expo


In the period 16-18 September 2015, Geotrading AD will take part in the pilot edition of the specialised exhibition of civil engineering, road construction and mining industry machinery and equipment, StroMa Expo 2015. The event will take place at the Balsha Mining and Extraction Factory, where special areas will be designated for equipment demonstration.

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First ProAuto service centre opened in August


In August 2015, the first service centre of Geotrading AD’s ProAuto service chain was launched. It was opened for business in August, at 101 Samokovsko Shose Str., Sofia. The facility offers car, light and heavy truck, specialised and construction equipment service, as well as direct sales of: LiuGong, Lannen and Dynapac machines, RKB bearings, Rymax lubricants, SF-Filter filters, Hensley and Everdigm wear-resistant parts, and Belshina, Michelin and Bridgestone tires.

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Geotrading AD awarded gold and silver medal


Geotrading AD has received a gold and a silver medal at a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the Scientific and Technical Union of Mining, Geology and Metallurgy. The gold medal was awarded for the long-standing cooperation between the company and the Union. The awards were presented to the Executive Director of Geotrading AD Mr. Ivan Vutov. 

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Geotrading AD is sponsoring Academy Economy


As a member of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG), Geotrading AD is sponsoring Academy Economy — an initiative which provides career development opportunities for students in the second and third year of their course of study. The main objective of Academy Economy is to support these students in gaining practical experience, which our youth are typically short of, for good starting positions in their professional lives. Consequently, this presents a solution to the difficulties employers have in finding well-prepared staff.

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Geotrading participated in a Greek fair


From January 29th to February 1st, 2015 Geotrading AD took part in the “Zootechnia 2015” exhibition in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company’s exhibition space was located in Pavilion 12, Stand 22. The fair had an agricultural profile and aims to attract visitors from all around the world.

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Geotrading chose Employee of the year


On December 23rd, 2014 Geotrading AD’s team elected the winners of the “Employee of the year – 2014” competition. They were awarded special prizes by Mr. Ivan Vutov, executive director of the company.

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Geotrading received an award from LiuGong


On November 17th, 2014 “LiuGong” held its international annual dealer meeting at its headquarters in the city of Liuzhou, China. Dealer representatives from all around the globe took part in it. A highlight of the event’s program was the award ceremony for the companies, which achieved outstanding results during the last year.

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Geotrading with a stand award at the Plovdiv fair


Geotrading AD took part in this year’s edition of the International technical fair in Plovdiv from September 29th, to October 4th, 2014. The company was presented at two exhibition stands: outdoor area XII-19 and indoor stand in Pavilion 14.

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Geotrading with a stand at BATA Agro 2014


Geotrading AD took part in the agricultural exhibition "BATA Agro 2014" from August 26th to August 29th, 2014 at the Stara Zagora airport. The event is among the largest specialized forums in Bulgaria, attracting both foreign and local visitors.

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Geotrading participated in an exhibition in Dobrich


From August 5th, 2014 to August 9th, 2014 Geotrading AD took part in the annual exhibition "The Agriculture and everything about it 2014" in Dobrich with its own stand at Central alley №1. The event was dedicated to showcase the innovations in the agricultural industry.

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Geotrading became an official dealer of the Bridgestone brand


In March 2014 Geotrading AD acquired official distributional rights for the "Bridgestone" tires. The Bulgarian company delivers the Japanese manufacturer’s products with the following brands: "Bridgestone", "Firestone" and "Dayton". The product selection includes tires for cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks, buses, construction technology, agricultural machines and mining mechanization.

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Geotrading took part in a Greek fair


From January 30th to February 02nd, 2014 Geotrading AD took part in the "Agrotica 2014"exhibition in Thessaloniki, Greece. The fair has an agricultural profile and gives farmers from different countries the opportunity to meet manufacturers and dealers of products for their needs.
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Geotrading AD presented LiuGong in Plovdiv


From September 30th to October 5th, 2013 Geotrading AD took part in the International technical fair in Plovdiv with two exhibition stands. The technical exhibition is annual and is the most popular in Bulgaria.
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Geotrading AD with a stand in an exhibition in Dobrich


During August 27th-31st, 2013 Geotrading AD took part in the XXI annual exhibition "The Agriculture and everything for it" in Dobrich. The agricultural fair's main aim was to be a meeting place of manufacturers and importers of agricultural equipment with local and foreign farmers.

At the fair Geotrading AD exhibited tires by "Belshina" as well as Swiss bearing by RKB. At the same time the Bulgarian company presented the "Amkodor" and "Triman Group" mechanization, the "Inelas Poliuretanos" polyurethane products and the “Matador” conveyor belts.

The visitors were welcome to Geotrading AD’s stand from 09:00 to 18:00 o’clock during the days of the exhibition.

To the right – Geotrading AD’s stand.


Geotrading chosen to be the exclusive distributor of Inelas Poliuretanos


In March 2013 Geotrading AD acquired exclusive distributional rights for the "Inelas Poliuretanos S.L." products for the territory of Bulgaria, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. "Inelas Poliuretanos" is a company with long-standing traditions in the manufacture of high quality polyurethane products. Since its establishment in 1966 in Zaragoza it has been a leader in the production of polyurethane products.
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Geotrading Ltd. certified in three ISO standards


Geotrading Ltd. successfully fulfilled the process of implementation of three systems for integrated quality-control systems:

-      ISO 9001:2008, quality management;

-      ISO 14001:2004, environmental management;

-      OHSAS 18001:2007, occupational health and safety management.

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Geotrading Ltd. with two new partnerships


In May 2012 Geotrading Ltd. initiated two new partnerships with Swiss bearings manufacturer RKB and with Slovak conveyor belts manufacturer "Matador". The Bulgarian company became an authorized distributor for the product selection of the two brands for Bulgaria.

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Japanese children from town, affected by tsunami, visit Bulgaria


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikolay Mladenov, initiated a visit of Japanese students from regions, affected by the large earthquake on March 11th, 2011. The group, which arrived in Bulgaria, consists of 16 students and 4 attendants from Higashi Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture Japan. Their visit took place from May 27th to June 4th, 2012. The event was sponsored by Bulgarian companies, among which – Geotrading Ltd.

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Geotrading Ltd. co-organizer of a machine exhibition


Geotrading Ltd. was among the organizers of transportation and specialized equipment exhibition, which will take place from May 15th, 2012 to May 18th, 2012 in Plovdiv at the “Mercedes Benz” complex. This was the second edition of the demonstration, showcasing the newest improvements in the road-building and construction machines as well as their accessories and spare parts.

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Election of Employee of the year - 2011


On December 23rd, 2011 Geotrading Ltd. chose "Employee of the year – 2011" on a special ceremony. The company’s team chose Ms. Yana Ilieva, manager of the "Spare parts and consumables" department. She was awarded with a special certificate and statue by Geotrading Ltd.’s general manager, Mr. Ivan Vutov.

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Geotrading Ltd. with a stand at the Tehnoma fair, Skopje


Geotrading Ltd. participated with a representative Stand №209, Hall 2 in the 37th edition of the "Tehnoma" exhibition on the Skopje fair grounds in the Republic of Macedonia. The event took place during October 18-22, 2011. It was a technical fair for the companies in the construction, electronics and metallurgy businesses.

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Geotrading Ltd. became Amkodor’s exclusive representative


Geotrading Ltd. acquired exclusive distributional rights for "Amkodor" for Bulgaria, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. As of September 2011 the Bulgarian company is the representative of the Belarusian manufacturer’s machines for the construction, road-building, forestry and agricultural industry.
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Geotrading Ltd. with two stands at the Plovdiv fair


Geotrading Ltd. participated in the autumn edition of the International technical fair in Plovdiv with two exhibition areas during September 26th - October 01st, 2011. The company was presented at open area V-22 and in Pavilion №14 with stand R3.

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Geotrading presented agricultural tires in Dobrich


Geotrading Ltd. participated with an exhibition area at Central alley №4 in the Dobrich fair during August 30th – September 3rd, 2011. As the exclusive representative of the brand in Bulgaria, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia as well as a dealer for Albania and Turkey the company presented the "Belshina" agricultural tires.

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Geotrading Ltd. becomes Triman Group’s exclusive representative


In 2011 Geotrading Ltd. acquired exclusive distributional rights for "Triman Group"’s production for Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. The Spanish manufacturer of mining and construction mechanization has a world-renowned production system, which ensures the quality of every detail.

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Open doors day in Geotrading Ltd.'s warehouse


On April 20th, 2011 Geotrading Ltd. organized an "Open doors day" in its warehouse in Slatina for its partners and clients. Guests were welcome from 09:00 to 12:00 o’clock and from 13:00 to 16:00 o’clock.

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Geotrading presented new agricultural tires at AGRA 2011


Between March 9th and 13th, 2011 Geotrading Ltd. participated in the international agricultural exhibition "AGRA 2010" in Plovdiv. The company’s exhibition area was V-27, located directly across the entrance of Hall 4. Visitors were welcome to stop by the organization’s stand during the days of the exhibition between 10:00 and 17:00 o’clock.

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Geotrading Ltd made its debut at Tehnoma 2010, Skopje


For the first time Geotrading Ltd participated in the "Tehnoma 2010" exhibition at Skopje Fair, the Republic of Macedonia. During the period October 19th – 23rd, 2010 the company was presented at Stand №206 in Hall 2, along with other Bulgarian organizations.

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Geotrading Ltd participates in the Plovdiv Technical fair


Geotrading Ltd participates in the 66th edition of the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv during September 27th – October 02nd, 2010. The company, which is the exclusive representative of "Belshina" for Bulgaria, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia and a dealer for Albania and Turkey, presents the Belarusian brand’s products at exhibition area V-24 and stand S5 at Pavilion №4.

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Geotrading’s product catalogue published


In August 2010, Geotrading Ltd published its first official product catalogue in Bulgarian and English. The luxury edition, created in collaboration with the company’s partners, is intended to inform and facilitate the choice of products and services for the modern business. It comprises brief corporate history, data about the firm’s sites and the contacts with Geotrading Ltd professionals, working in the different departments. The product lines are divided in four main categories:
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New Belshina tires presented in Dobrich


Exclusive "Belshina" representative Geotrading Ltd showed new imported Belarusian tires at the annual specialized exhibition "The Agriculture and everything for it" in Dobrich during August 31st – September 04th, 2010.

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Geotrading Ltd with representation stand at Inter Expo Center Sofia


During March 09-13, 2010 Geotrading Ltd takes part in the 10th jubilee exhibition "Bulgarian Building Week" at Inter Expo Center Sofia. The company participates with its own stand at exhibition ground C11 in Hall 2, where visitors can receive free consultations and brochures from the specialists of the firm’s "Tires" department.

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Geotrading Ltd at the opening ceremony of AGRA 2010


Geotrading Ltd participates in the opening ceremony of the 19th edition of the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA 2010 in Plovdiv (February 23rd-27th, 2010) with its own stand at exhibition ground V-26. The company’s director – Mr. Ivan Vutov was also present at the official opening with the other guests of the event – among them Miroslav Naydenov – Minister of Agriculture and Food as well as Ms. Svetlana Karunets – Financial Advisor at the Embassy of Republic Belarus in Bulgaria.

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Geotrading Ltd awards Employee of 2009


On 23rd December 2009 the director of Geotrading Ltd, Mr. Ivan Vutov, presented Krasimir Dekov, technical assistant from the 'Fuels and Lubricants' department, with the award Employee of 2009.

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Geotrading Ltd presents Belshina at the Plovdiv fair


Geotrading Ltd presented automobile tires by the renowned tires brand Belshina at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv (September 28th – October 3rd, 2009). GEOTECHMIN’s daughter company is an exclusive representative of the entire tires selection for Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia and dealer for Albania and Turkey. Geotrading Ltd exhibited tires for heavy-duty dump trucks, road-building industrial machines, tractors and agricultural machines, trucks and buses as well as cars and light trucks.
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