Geotrading AD strives for continuous expansion of the range of its products and services. In 2015, the company succeeded in completing the customer service cycle by establishing two multifunctional service facilities under the ProAuto brand in Sofia and Etropole.

At present, the Etropole facility offers its clients servicing of lightweight and heavy-duty vehicles and of special and building machinery and equipment. The facility consists of premises for annual vehicle inspections (MOT checks), a filling station, a carwash, and a showroom offering tires, lubricants, spare parts and consumables. There are special premises for partial repairs and overhaul of various types and models of engines for mining machinery and equipment, special and building machinery and equipment, railway and maritime transport machinery and equipment, farming machinery and equipment, etc.

In 2016, the company set up its Stationary Service Centre for Mining Machinery. Its operations are focused on the servicing, repair and maintenance of various types of engines for mining machinery and equipment.

The company continued to develop its ProAuto brand; in 2018, Geotrading started the production of its ProAuto lubricants. These lubricants are suitable for lightweight and heavy-duty vehicles, and special, building and mining machinery and equipment. The wide range of products covers engine, hydraulic and gear oils and greases manufactured from specially selected high-quality inputs.

The brand continued its development. The ProAuto Multifunctional Complex was opened in the city of Sofia in 2021. The complex was certified to the British Standard for sustainable construction BREEAM 2013 with a Very Good evaluation. The design, the building process and operation of ProAuto are all compliant with environmental requirements, and the materials used are eco-friendly.

The ProAuto Multifunctional Complex has an electric scooters showroom and a reception area for the repair of electric vehicles, offices, conference rooms, a storage area, and a parking lot accommodating 80 vehicles with a charging station for electric vehicles.

ProAuto Multifunctional Complex  
1588 Sofia     
459 Okolovrasten pat Str.     
Telephone: +359 2 930 70 50

ProAuto Service Centre
2180 Etropole
196 Ruski Blvd.
Telephone: +359 876 800 496