ProAuto lubricants are manufactured by Geotrading AD


Geotrading AD achieved yet another of its strategic goals to expand its product portfolio. The company manufactures its own ProAuto brand of lubricants intended for cars, heavy trucks, specialised, construction, and mining equipment. ProAuto engine, hydraulic, gear oils and greases manufactured from specially selected high-quality raw materials are now sold on the Bulgarian market. This way, Geotrading AD continues the successful implementation of its strategy to market competitively priced products of excellent quality.

ProAuto GO 5 85W-140 LS is a high-performance car gear oil meeting the requirements of the API GL-5 Gear Oil Specification. ProAuto GO 5 85W-140 LS is specifically developed for lubrication of heavy-duty hypoid gears of car and truck manual transmissions operating at high pressures, extreme slipping speeds, and shock loads.

ProAuto HDEO E7 15W-40 are all-year engine oils designed for high-rated-power diesel engines of trucks, buses, road construction, and agricultural vehicles compliant with the Euro I to Euro V emission standards.

ProAuto GO 5 80W-90 is a gear oil used for lubrication of all kinds of hypoid, spiral-bevel, two-speed gears, and rear drive axles including worm gears used in the motor vehicles and industry.

ProAuto Hydraulic HVLP 46 is a hydraulic oil intended for use in outdoor hydraulic systems, hydraulic impeller pump plants, hydraulic gear pumps, and hydraulic piston assemblies.

ProAuto TO-4 10W is a hydrodynamic gear oil with high-quality ingredients and special anti-wear additives ensuring higher bearing protection against micro pitting and metal fatigue. ProAuto TO-4 10W is recommended for use in construction and mining off-road heavy trucks and tracked tractors.